School. It's cool. fool. lol Okay okay so most of my time a day goes to school. It's been alright. My favorite class is probably Music Appreciation & least is Political Science. I was never really a classical music person at all until i took this M.A. class. I mean, i knew who Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn was, but it's not like i had them on my iPod or anything lol. But, now that I've learned more about classical music, I've gained interest. You ever heard a song you didn't like sooooo muuuuuch that you eventually liked it? lol sometimes it feels like that with the music, but it's all love. We have a quiz tomorrow, & i have a 10 minute presentation on the evolution of keyboard instruments, I'm ready.
girl just texting away. She's lucky, cause i don't get service in this class. lol (Art History)

As far as PoliSci .. It's okay. I don't follow politics too much (which is bad i guess) so sometimes I don't understand what we are discussing. ha pray for me. I find myself doing what Kacie's doing in the picture below ..

I'm going to pass that class though.


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