Not Quite Chillin'

As you can see, I have been really turning it up with this photography thing. Doing more & more photo shoots using whatever free time i have available. I am still a full time student as well as having a part time job. I try to stay as productive as i can be. I feel like watching television during the day is a complete sin ha. You can do way more things than sitting on your couch or laying in your bed. That is just something that I believe in, does not mean you have to also.

photo by Tundae

Honestly though, I do not want to be looked at as JUST a photographer. This may sound a bit cocky, but I am an artist of many talents. I can take photos, make music, do graphics, draw & paint. I rather show you then tell you though because I do not want to look like these trendy kids. I am working on finding a balance between them. Art is me. I would not trade my life for anyone elses. This is what i was born with. BLESSED with these talents. Now it is on me to take these talents and become skilled. Will Smith said "Your talents will fail you if you are not skilled. Talent you have naturally, but skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft". I believe this quote so much. Everyone is born with a unique talent and sadly most people throw it away. That is why I try to be productive as I can possibly be so I can practice my talent. My beliefs this will take me far. Nobody will stop me. Not even the ones that are all of a sudden "artists" now. I am really not worried about you guys though. You have probably heard this quote a zillion times but I hope you have been paying attention. If you do not believe in any quotes, I ask that you PLEASE believe this one ..



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  1. i like this. thanks for the encouragement brandon. much love.