Concrete Meadows

Like I said in a previous post, I have other talents besides photography. I have decided to release some instrumentals for the public to download. By the way, I will no longer do any more collaborations with everyone. I will only do collaborations with people that I want to work with. Not the "send the beat, you send back with verses" deal, but actually working in a studio where we can vibe off our ideas and create something great. That is how I'm going to run things now. I am NOT selling beats (do not ask), I just want people to hear/see my work. It is all for the love.

When I create, I just create. When I made Concrete Meadows, I did not think of a good story to tell you guys or anything. Only thing I can really tell you is when making i was influenced by war. Not the actual war, but .. war. The cover art was drawn by myself and purposely colored this way. Check it out.



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