B. Jones

Things are going good. Summer school is ending, work is good, good friends. Only thing I can complain about really is ... well nevermind. I should be happy I'm in good health and that I'm living. So yeaah, I'm good.

I have been really really busy with school & work, but somehow, I am still updating this blog DAILY! haha. Definitely patting myself on the back for this. Did not think i could do this. I think I wasn't able to update daily because not only what to talk about, but I worried about updating daily. What I mean is that I would blog today and immediately try and think of what I should blog about tomorrow. It should not work that way. These days are to be taking once at a time. Sure, you can make plans for another day, but it is more important to focus on what is going on right now and not later. The future cannot be predicted.

I sounded like I just learned this. ha. As far as blog posting, yes.

Before I go, B.Jones is one of my viewers who is always showing love on here & on TRU$T. Your comments do not go unread ms. Thank you!

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