Decided to be a good guy & enroll into summer school.

Sitting here knocking out this speech outline for my communications class; due tomorrow. No, I'm not a procrastinator, well, yes I am, but proquest decided to be stupid over the weekend and did not want to load. Called my school library complaining and they said that the server was down all weekend. So now It is crunch time trying to handle this speech and submit it to Turn it in. By the way, my informative speech is on Darfur. If you do not know about it or what is happening down there you can watch this video i found here. My speech in next week on Tuesday so I have to condense this outline into a 5-7 minute speech. No problem, time is working against me though with work.. I got this though!

Doodled this in class, I was paying attention I promise. haha

One last thing, you should visit my friend Landre's blog and participate in Project Count Your Blessings!

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